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Bras Sizes

Example of how to read the table: IF YOU HAVE 101 CM OF CUP THEN, YOU HAVE 80D AS SIZE (EUROPEAN SIZE).

A75 cm80 cm85 cm90 cm95 cm100 cm105 cm110 cm115 cm120 cm
B80 cm85 cm90 cm95 cm100 cm105 cm110 cm115 cm120 cm125 cm
C83 cm88 cm93 cm98 cm103 cm108 cm113 cm118 cm123 cm128 cm
D86 cm91 cm96 cm101 cm106 cm111 cm116 cm121 cm126 cm131 cm
E89 cm94 cm99 cm104 cm109 cm114 cm119 cm124 cm129 cm134 cm
F92 cm97 cm102cm107 cm112 cm117 cm122 cm127 cm132 cm137 cm
G95 cm100cm105cm110 cm115 cm120 cm125 cm130 cm135 cm140 cm


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