I am Tony Bland DEGLI

“After studying accounting, it was with an unbridled passion for clothing that I got into fashion.
Self-taught, I learned a lot by creating my brand: “Tony Bland.”
TONY BLAND started out as a line of tailored clothing; I felt the need to reach a wider audience,
which is where I came up with the idea of turning the range into a ready-to- wear brand offering
items in every segment (clothing, underwear, perfumes, accessories, etc.).

I work with materials such as linen, cotton, burlap or raffia, lace…
My work must resonate in contemporary creation, while reflecting my roots. For the TONY BLAND , the quality of the products is a point of honor for each of the collections.

One of my dreams is to enable the public at large to see themselves reflected in what I make,
particularly the “plus-size” public who always find it difficult to find happiness in our stores and boutiques. In fact, curvy women complain about fashion not treating them as women.
For many years, women with generous curves have been asking designers to expand their collections to include larger sizes as they feel ignored by both haute couture and ready-to- wear collections, which is why I develop a plus-size range of lingerie.

My main rule is to keep eyes open! Fashion is a living language, with many influences and contradictions. It is the hope that everything will be perfect next time, which makes me move forward. And since perfection is never achieved, we must continually keep on working!”